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Soccer salaries

Anyone who follows professional sports knows that top-level soccer players are some of the highest paid athletes in the world. You just may be surprised how well-paid they are. This summer, online bookie MatchedBet.com released a survey comparing how quickly they could pay for the average priced home in the city they play in, and compared how long it would take the average fan to pay for the same home. Manchester United’s Paul Pogba’s weekly earnings of £290,000 (that works out to about $25-million Canadian a year) would enable him to pay off a modest Mancunian home in less than an hour! A hometown fan of his club would need about 4.5-years’ salary to do the same.

Another survey by online car dealer, Carspring, calculated how long it would take for footballers to pay off their rides. At a weekly salary of £365,000, Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo needed put to in nearly a full days’ work (5 hours and 15 minutes) to pay for his Bugatti Veyron. Mind you, the car’s worth about $3-million.


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