Seeing Colour in 2018

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Seeing Colour in 2018

By Rebecca Hay

The future is bold, bright and colourful. If you’re thinking of remodelling or re-decorating your home next year, colour is your best way to stay ahead of the curve. Here are a few of the trends you can expect to see.

Be bold on the FLOOR. Antique and Vintage Carpets have made a comeback. These “old” rugs allow us to bring colour and history into the home. This trend also includes the Second Life rug trend stronger than ever with their rich colourful hues. Burnished reds and washed out blues to name a few.

Warm rich, decadent RED is finally making a comeback after many years absent from the design scene. Dusty floral wallpaper and fabrics are the perfect expression of this trend.  The rich hue has even been highlighted as Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, Caliente AF-290. Taking a cue from this trend and add some pop to your living room pillows with rich red timeless velvets such as Alendel Fabrics pandora collection. Nothing grabs your attention like a bold pop of red velvet!

Stronger bolder colours are being sought after in bathrooms. We are now seeing respected luxury bath product companies like on of my favourite companies Victoria + Albert Baths now offering distinctive new external FINISHES including: Gloss Black, Anthracite, Stone Grey, Light Grey, Matte Black. You can make a beautiful strong statement with their new dark tones: Gloss Black and Anthracite, sure to enliven any space. Using a standout dark tone will make a neutral bathroom memorable because “anything goes with black.”

Kitchens too are all about colour, being MOODY & making a statement. Classic white cabinetry will always be popular but we are starting to see more saturated blues and emerald greens top the list. Kitchens with contrasting cabinetry (white/navy) are still popular but more and more you will see full kitchens in one dark rich hue. It’s bold and brave and surprisingly inviting.

So there you have it, expect to see lot of rich bold colour in the year ahead.  Whatever your New Years decor plans are, be sure to keep in mind that it only takes a little of any trend to make a statement. So pick your favourite and make 2018 your most colourful year yet.



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