National Home Show 2017 - ReCap

National Home Show 2017 – ReCap

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National Home Show 2017 – ReCap

The Reno and Decor booth for the National Home show was a wonderful opportunity to have visitors to the show experience two very different colour pallets and to visually get the answers to questions they often struggle with at home.  Each side was like two separate pages of the magazine but each designed and styled beautifully.

The ideas of good design are consistent regardless of whether a homeowner wishes to like in that colour palette.  Being able to work with a variety of attendees of the “Design Intervention” workshops in an environment that often exemplified the answers to challenges was amazingly helpful. 

The caliber of questions and the preparation that went into the questions, made it very clear that many many people  can use the assistance of a design professional, regardless of the size of the project.  It was a wonderful collection of extremely talented design professionals we are proud to call colleagues and friends.  This was a success for the magazine, for the consumers and for the design professionals who worked on the space and with those consumers. 


Design Intervention: We would like to thank the following experts who were on hand for free 15-minute consultations advising on design, decor and reno concerns:

RENO & DECOR would like to thank the following sponsors of Design Intervention:


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