Motivating The Chronic Painting Procrastinators (You Know Who You Are)

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Motivating The Chronic Painting Procrastinators (You Know Who You Are)

Dulux Paints is challenging homeowners to stop putting off painting projects. The company’s latest campaign hopes to convince chronic painting procrastinators to finally tackle projects that have been ignored for far too long. With its bold and humorous take on why people wait so long to paint, Dulux is reminding all of us to: Stop. Putting. It. Off.

“Not all homeowners are Pinterest junkies or do-it-yourself aficionados,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager, Dulux Paints by PPG. “The immediate satisfaction provided by a fresh paint job is often overshadowed by the prospect of preparation and decision-making related to painting, so people live with patchy paint jobs and regrettable colour choices for months, even years. It can become a real source of frustration and conflict in some households. For this reason, Dulux Paints wants to provide support, encouragement and a real sense of excitement about improving one’s living environment.”

A television campaign highlights the hilarious “non-excuses” procrastinators use to get out of painting. Dulux stores across the country will be at the heart of the “Procrastinators Anonymous” movement, offering expert advice and irresistible incentives, such as its ever-popular “Buy One Get One Free” promotion, throughout the year. “Our hope for this campaign is that it will make people laugh, but more importantly, it will position Dulux Paints as a resource to motivate and assist do-it-yourself painters with their painting needs,” Tustin-Fuchs said. “Our in-store experts often double as coaches, and we encourage Canadians to take advantage of the support and expertise we offer in our stores.”

The campaign launched April 10, and the “Buy One Get One Free” promotional sale that began April 17. Customers can look forward to seeing fun “Procrastinators Anonymous” merchandise in all Dulux stores across the country. Canadians are invited to join the “Procrastinators Anonymous” movement online using hashtags #StopPuttingItOff. To learn more about the campaign, visit


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