Message from Jim: You’ve got mail (coming soon)

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Message from Jim: You’ve got mail (coming soon)

We’ve just finished up the June/July issue of Renovation Contractor, and this edition nicely encapsulates everything we’re trying to do here at the magazine. For starters, we literally explore building materials from top to bottom, with an item on DuPont’s new slip-resistant Tyvek Protec roofing underlay and regular contributor Martin Zibauer’s feature on the different options for foundations.
Next, we help you find and generate new business by tapping into the ever-growing market for energy conserving renovations. The Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Gary Sharp looks at some general trends in his regular column for us, freelance contributor Heath Applebaum takes a close look at MyEnergyXpert, a brandable app that contractors can use to help customers clearly see the long-term value of green renos, and Jay Somerset – a writer who’s been working with us since the very first issue – checks in to see what serial entrepreneur Casey van Maarion has been up to recently. Spoiler alert: he’s using ground screws to mount solar panels across Alberta and B.C.
Then we highlight some work that’s as fantastical as it is functional. Another long-time contributor, Diane Peters, profiles Tyson Leavitt and his crew at Charmed Playhouses out of Lethbridge, Alta.
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