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Homage to the Townhome

You’re a vibrant, savvy middle-ager whose kids have moved out. The big family home is ready for an overhaul, but the prospect of renovating leaves you cold. Instead, you’re thinking about your quality of life, perhaps retiring or, at least, dialing down. But knowing the real estate market, you realize that affordable downsizing, while retaining the perks of a home is almost a contradiction in terms.

At this stage, you’re looking for different things. Or should you be? In her book, The Perfect Home for a Long Life: Housing Ourselves for the Future, Lindsay Green says that one of the most important things to consider when you change houses at this age is to consider the community that you have around you – especially friends, because children often relocate for jobs and to start their own lives. Also take into account the local amenities that are around you that will help to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Green’s advice is to consider the quality of your life based on sticking around those friendships that you’ve nurtured over the years, and to look at what the neighbourhood offers in terms of retail, medical, dental, and physical activities such as walking, hiking, biking and skating.

But, therein lies the dilemma. How do you shed the family home and its maintenance headaches, while remaining close to family, friends and local amenities, and get the luxurious new home, with all the bells and whistles, that you’ve been hankering after for years?


A block of townhomes is sustainable, and takes up much less room than the same number of detached homes. Buying a townhome gets you into a good area. Established neighbourhoods have all the amenities that you need, including restaurants, shops, libraries, medical and dental clinics. Those same principles apply to condos, but not everyone wants to live in a condo.

Many townhomes are nestled in choice locations where only a few homes could fit. South Etobicoke is one of those areas, and is on Urban Toronto’s 2016 list of Growth to Watch For. Steps from the lake, it’s poised for rejuvenation. Beautiful, multi-residential buildings – from mid-rise to high-rise, dictated by the city’s urban plan – are currently under construction. Gourmet food shops and cafes are springing up in the area. Within a 20-minute walk, there are four libraries. The GO Train and streetcar go directly downtown, and the waterfront offers a myriad of hiking and biking trails, as well as a beach, playgrounds and a yacht club.

South Etobicoke is where John Zanini, president and CEO of Dunpar Homes, has invested in. It’s where he’s situated one of his latest townhome developments – Lake Shore Village. This collection of luxury homes is positioned in a quiet residential neighbourhood at 68 Daisy Avenue – the site of the historic Vincent Massey School where DeGrassi High was filmed.

Back-to-back townhomes are priced from the high $800,000s for a two-bedroom, plus den home, with the option of one or two parking spaces.


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