June 30 busiest moving day of the year

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June 30 busiest moving day of the year

Approximately 4.4 million Canadians move annually, which translates to about 1.4 million families searching out moving companies, packing materials and, often, help to get them from Point A to Point B.
Most will move between mid June and early September, and 14 per cent will specifically choose June. In particular, June 30 is expected to be frantically busy, with about a third of the 14 per cent choosing that day. June 30 is the Friday of the 2017 Canada Day weekend and Saturday, July 1 is the statutory holiday.
According to Chuck Resnick, vice president of marketing and operations and Two Men and A Truck, there are reasons this happens.
“By June 30, the school year has ended, so it’s natural for parents with children to move as soon as they can without disrupting the current school year,” he said. “It also enables parents to get everyone settled before the new school term begins, and they have the entire summer ahead of them to enjoy the warm weather in their new homes.
“The Canada Day weekend also offers an extra day off, which is handy for unpacking and settling in and, traditionally, the weather is very accommodating.”
With the intense level of moving activity most companies see at this popular time of year, Resnick advises forethought and planning to ensure a smooth move.
“Moving day should be a day of celebrating your new accommodations, so here are some tips for consumers to eliminate stress:

  • Pack in sturdy containers, rather than used boxes from places like the grocery store.
  • Avoid over-packing. It’s better to use more containers with less in each one, especially for heavy items such as books. Resnick suggests this rule of thumb: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.
  • Newsprint makes a mess of your items, so use clean paper for packing.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for clothing in closets and pack folded clothes into suitcases.
  • Pack a “moving day” box with things you’ll need right away (coffee pot, mugs, kettle, toothbrushes, a few towels, etc.) – and be sure to pack this last, so it can be unpacked first.
  • Label boxes on the top and on the sides.

Two Men and a Truck is the fastest-growing franchised moving company in North America and offers comprehensive, customized home and business relocation and packing services. Founded in 1985, the company has 384 locations worldwide, including 28 in Canada.
The firm has experienced 85 consecutive months of growth and the completion of 6 million moves.


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