Inspirations for a magical season

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Inspirations for a magical season

With sunny days ahead, we are ready to fill our homes with bright and vivid tones that bring us joy.

Circu, a producer of high-end handcrafted furniture, wants to create some magical moments for the little ones in your life. The Portuguese company creates furniture where children fall asleep surrounded by joy and boasts their pieces are a link between the real world and children’s dreams.

One might note, however, that if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it. Or only in your dreams. Circu’s website doesn’t include prices but beds can cost $10,000 and up.

Here, Circu has gathered the best furniture that sets the themes for spring and summer: freedom and travelling.


Bun Van is a bed, reinvented. Parents will recognize the inspiration for this piece; one of the most remarkable vehicles ever produced and one of the most iconic and magical symbols of fun and freedom. It is perfect to bring fun and imagination to children’s rooms. Inside it contains several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a desk, a mini bar and softs.

Fantasy Air Balloon was inspired by the world of adventure and is a reference to the Disney movie UP. Parents can imagine and relieve the life of the famous Phileas Fogg from the movie Around the World in 80 Days. The piece can be customized for girls or boys and has several storage drawers.

The Magical Mirror is the perfect piece to transform any little girl’s room into a charming magical paradise fit for a princess! Because it is also a TV is the perfect accessory for kids to have fun.

The Little Mermaid bed was inspired by the Disney movie of the same name. Colourful underwater life is the inspiration for this piece.

The earthyness shades of this season remit us to the Teepee Room, a bedroom inspired by the free-spirited and highly spiritual young woman named Pocahontas. She loves adventure and nature. Inside the is a bed with storage area below and a secret compartment giving access to a toy box.

Because metallic is never out of style, the Silver Toy Box is the perfect complementary accessory to any kids’ room.



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