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Home Warranty : Tarion

Just moved into your newly built home or condo? There’s an app for that

For every stage in the new homebuying process, there’s an app to make life easier. Looking for new home listings? Researching the best mortgage rates? In need of home decor ideas? You can get it all done on your phone. But for Ontario’s new homebuyers, there’s one app that may be the most important of all: Tarion’s MyHome app helps you manage your new home warranty with ease.

If you buy a new home in Ontario, your builder must provide a warranty that is backed by Tarion. Almost everything inside and outside your home is covered in the first year. The major distribution systems such as heating and plumbing are covered for two years, and major structural defects are covered for seven years.

So, while you are figuring out the perfect place to hang your family photos, grab your phone, download the MyHome app, and take note of any defects well before you start searching for the studs.


  • Take and upload photos: As you settle into your new home, take a look for anything that is not working, improperly installed or incomplete. If you find any defects, take a photo with your phone and upload it using the MyHome app. These photos will accompany your warranty form.
  • Stay on top of important warranty dates: Perhaps one of the most important parts of managing your warranty is making sure you don’t miss any deadlines. The MyHome app will send you notifications when your warranty deadlines are coming up.
  • Record voice notes: Who needs a keyboard anymore? With the new MyHome app, simply record a voice note if you want to add information to your warranty form. The app will convert the note to text so your builder and/or Tarion, can review the issue.
  • Fill out and submit warranty forms: Did you know that back in the day, homeowners would mail, fax or even hand deliver warranty forms to Tarion’s office? Now, you can submit your warranty forms through the app – absolutely no paper needed! (Of course, you are always welcome to drop by the Tarion offices if you are in the neighbourhood.)
  • Schedule, reschedule and cancel Tarion inspections: The Tarion MyHome app makes it even easier to manage your inspections. Whether you want Tarion to come over and inspect the defects in your home, or you have resolved the issues and no longer need Tarion’s help, it’s all at the swipe of your fingertips.

Tarion’s MyHome app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be used with Tarion’s online warranty service, also called MyHome.

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