Five best places for Canadians to retire

Five Best places for Canadians to retire abroad

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Five Best places for Canadians to retire abroad

by Madisyn McKee

Here are the top countries you should be considering for your retirement years

You’ve spent the last 40-odd years working, saving and longing for retirement; those blissful years where you can reap the rewards of all of your hard work, early mornings are no longer a requirement and you can finally finish those books you’ve been putting off for years.

The biggest question you may be asking yourself is, where are you going to live? Maybe winters aren’t your thing or perhaps you’re just looking for your next great adventure. Whichever it is, there are plenty of places for you to choose from.

Last year, French asset management company Natixis Global Asset Management studied  43 countries to determine which would be the best for retirement. The study looked at four main categories: health, quality of life, material wellbeing and finances in retirement.

Sit back and start dreaming of these places you should be retiring to:



At the top of the list you’ll find Norway. A country known for its quality of life and outdoorsy lifestyles, moving here isn’t for lazy people, that’s for sure. If you’re a person that loves having four seasons and wouldn’t be able to handle sun all year round, then Norway is a great pick. The Fjords are something of another world and moving here would mean they are right at your doorstep.



While you may be far from home, life in Australia can be pretty sweet. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy warm weather all year long and lazing on some of the worlds best beaches? With fantastic healthcare options and a dollar similar to the Canadian currency, it’s no doubt you would enjoy your retirement years Down Under.



If you haven’t heard of this tiny European country don’t worry, not many have. Small but mighty, Luxembourg ranked in the top 10 of the Natixis study for its quality of life and material wellbeing. This is the perfect retirement spot for you if you love to travel. The country borders Belgium, Germany and France, making it easy to get around and explore new spots.


United States

Of course you can’t exclude the classic retirement destination for Canadians, the United States. Moving to warm destinations like Arizona, Florida or California, you’ll find yourself in good company among other Canucks. The best part is that getting a visa to spend six months of the year in the U.S. can be fairly easy and travelling back and forth between the two countries isn’t difficult.



If you don’t mind living off meat, potatoes and beer then Ireland could be your choice for retirement. The lush greenery, material wellbeing, financial landscape and quality of life have Ireland making the top 15 list. You won’t have to worry about language barriers either, as long as you can get used to the thick accent.

So tell us, where will you choose to spend your retirement years?

Madisyn is a freelance writer and social media obsessed traveler based out of Toronto. Always looking for her next adventure but glued to her phone you can contact her at or visit her at


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