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Father’s Day Ideas

Whether you are looking for dad or have a summer birthday gift to buy for that special man in your life, the most popular online searched items for 2017 may surprise you! Guys want drones!

To be 100 percent honest, this one surprised even me! I had no idea that drones were the hot ticket for this summer but apparently, all of my outdoor buddies want one to take aerial shots of their homes, their camping trips, and even of the top of the trees. Personally, I think it has more to do with the idea that guys who are currently in their late 30’s to mid 40’s grew up with remote controlled cars and this is the evolutional of their childhood toys! If you want to score big points with the perfect gift, look for a drone that has a good camera system, but also one that has a video feed on the remote control handset. Also pay attention to words like ‘stability’ and ‘spare parts’. My first attempt at flying a drone was a crash straight into the top of a giant willow tree. Best beginner drones are the quadcopters, which have 4 propellers like the Apex 100 Drone with Camera (www.shopatshowcase.com)

Garage organization has been a popular feature at home shows across the country, and now it is the perfect gift idea for a dad who has everything and needs a spot to store it. For many different, and sometimes obvious reasons, the garage seems to be the one spot that men are able to have free reign when it comes to designing their own space. Choosing a system that allows for flexibility to handle odd shaped objects like wheel barrows, bicycles, and even fishing rods is important to making sure everything gets up off of the floor. Gladiator GarageWorks GearTrack system is a great starting point because the individual tracks can be mounted in almost any situation that can support weight Once mounted, there are lots of hook and attachment options which can provide excellent storage solutions for almost anything.


Tools are always a sure thing for the outdoor or DIY guy in your life, but 2017 is all about portable power. This is the first year that generators, which are battery operated, have hit the sales floor, and guys are VERY interested. Dewalt’s PowerStation seems to be getting the most attention so far. This system not only charges your 20V batteries for all of your tool needs, it then can go unplugged so that you can take all of that power with you camping, to the worksite or even just to the back of the yard where the extension cord doesn’t reach. My favourite part of this gift…it is silent! No more noisy or messy gas-guzzling generators that I have to throw my shoulder out trying to get it started with a pullcord.

This summer, trust me and give the best type of gift for all of those outdoor guys in your life: one they actually want!

Carson Arthur is an international landscape designer with a focus on environmentally friendly design. Throughout his 15-year television career, Carson teaches homeowners how to raise the value of their homes through outdoor renovations. He is part of the Cityline team; writes a column for the Halifax Chronicle Herald and the Sun media group including the Toronto Sun about outdoor design and appears regularly in a variety of magazines with guest articles. He is the North America outdoor design editor for Outdoor Lifestyle magazine; the outdoor expert for Terra Greenhouses; Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate; and the author of the sold out book Garden Designs for Outdoor Living with a new book scheduled to hit the shelves spring 2018.

His credits include; the host of HGTV’s Green Force and Critical Listing; the Gemini nominated Room to Grow on Global, ION and the Discovery network; Better Home’s and Garden’s Home, First Home on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S.; and the gardening expert on HGTV’s blockbuster; Home to Win and Home to Win 2. Currently, Carson’s programs can be seen on every continent in the world.

Carson now represents Canada as the international ambassador for Save the Children. His expertise in growing food will help end the cycle of poverty for children all over the world by spearheading a Canadian initiative of adding agriculture to education called Fresh For All.


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