Explore hot 2017 art trends at The Artist Project

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Explore hot 2017 art trends at The Artist Project

When we plan a renovation, we paint our walls, arrange the furniture and renovate the kitchen, hanging art only as the final touch, never fully capturing the design potential of a space. The right piece will illuminate even the plainest of rooms and simplify even the most chaotic of homes.

With The Artist Project 2017 right around the corner, there’s no better time to get inspired by this year’s biggest art trends. On February 23-26, over 250 Canadian and international artists will feature their newest works at The Better Living Centre in Toronto.

Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with the artists and gain untapped insights that will usher you to design revelations of your own.

For 2017, botanical art is blooming. We’ve seen greenery-inspired prints on the runway, naturalistic designs in advertising, and eco-inspired images in the media. With roots dating back to early civilization, botanical art has made a comeback in a major way. In an age where our experiences are so digitally concentrated, art helps us revive our connection to the natural world. Get in touch with your visceral senses at this year’s Artist Project, with artists Jennifer Elliotson, Claire Browne and Anna Snyder.

With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to get in the spirit than with beautiful botanicals.

Face-away portraiture has been turning heads, becoming more and more prominent in the contemporary art scene. In a time where 1 million selfies are produced per day, face-away portraiture celebrates who we really are when no one’s watching. TAP artists like Marina Nazarova, Matthew Li and Anthony Bailey invite us into a blissful moment of vulnerability. Take a break from the digital and instill a little mystery into your household with one of these thoughtful renderings.

One of the latest trends in art and photography is darkness and light, which delves into a narrative exploring a balance of extremities. The interplay between dark and light has been a subject of examination for centuries, as our perception often shifts into the shadows. This year’s Artist Project presents a harmonious marriage between both extremes, with illuminative and emotionally evocative pieces from Moira Ness, Adam Giroux and Jocelyn D’Amours.

Brighten up your space with brilliant neon designs sure to add dimension to a bare room in need of a little face-lift. Get inspired by a trend that calls for attention, from artists like Mel Gausden, Klash Inside and Keight MacLean, who are setting this year’s Artist Project aglow. Neon first entered the art landscape as a new concept in the ’80s, having reinvented itself in the form of clever colloquies and shocking scenery. Now, neon is used to “highlight” important issues we experience as a modern society. Frame one of the many fabulous neon pieces from the show against the starkness of a white wall, or compliment this statement piece on exposed brick.

Our fascination with the surreal, fantastical and other-worldly is not a new phenomenon, but a recent interest in childhood fairy tales have put our heads back in the clouds. Rediscover the majestic strangeness of an earlier time with pieces only Julia Monson, Alice Zilberberg and Ksenya von Shlezinger could dream up. Transcend from reality with imaginative artwork that will subconsciously transform your state of mind. Your home will instantly become a place of solace, one daydream at a time.

Prepare to be inspired and enchanted by the many wondrous pieces The Artist Project 2017 offers.

Don’t forget to take this exclusive opportunity to connect with the artists to gain unique perspectives on your favorite art trends.

The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair is February 23 to Feburary 26 at the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place. More information and tickets are available at http://www.theartistproject.com/.


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