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Editor’s Choice: Mattamy Homes

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Editor’s Choice: Mattamy Homes

You’re never far from a Mattamy home

It’s no accident that Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest homebuilder. They’ve spent nearly 40 years committed to carefully planning communities and building places that people love to call home. As a testament to how much people love their Mattamy homes, the family that lived in the first home Mattamy ever built stayed in that home for over 25 years. Since that first home was built, Mattamy has gone on to build over 70,000 homes in hundreds of communities across Canada and the United States.

It’s not just the number of homes Mattamy has built that illustrates its success, it’s the amount of research, planning, and design that truly sets them apart. Mattamy is rigorous about every single aspect of community planning. Mattamy assesses the landscape and determines what natural elements can be preserved, then, anticipating how people want to live and play in their community, they introduce amenities like parks, trails and other features that deliver anything families might enjoy. The result is a plethora of well-planned communities that are distinct yet integrate with the nature that surrounds it.

What’s truly remarkable about the way Mattamy builds is how much thoughtful design goes into every square foot of each home. This approach to design has become Mattamy’s signature, giving homes distinctive architectural features that make the spaces completely functional and aesthetically brilliant.

Features like breakfast bars in spacious kitchens, perfect for a Sunday breakfast with the whole family; open-concept rooms with high ceilings and large windows, keeping rooms bright and inviting; or Mattamy’s famous Stop & Drops coat hooks and cubbies that make coming home fast and easy. These are hallmarks of Mattamy’s commitment to designing and building homes for how people actually use them.

Mattamy’s exclusive Architect’s Choice Options gives homeowners real personal choice in designing their home to suit specific needs and wants by giving purchasers the opportunity to make pre-approved structural changes to their home before construction even begins.

Additionally, Mattamy’s extraordinary Design Studio offers a magnificent array of finishes and features that let homeowners create a home that better reflects their personal tastes. Known for their attention to superior customer service, Mattamy thoughtfully assigns everyone their own consultant to provide expert guidance through the wealth of options in colours, textures and styles.

Whether you’re looking for a live/work townhome in an established master-planned community, or an upscale 60-foot luxury home in a prestigious neighbourhood, or anything in between, Mattamy has a home that’s just right for you. Mattamy makes homes you’ll value for a lifetime.


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