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Editor’s Choice: Great Gulf

Going beyond the necessary to insure its purchasers

Great Gulf began in 1975 with a belief that we weren’t just building homes, but creating spaces. From breaking ground at our first lot, to becoming one of North America’s most respected home builders — we’ve come a long way. Great Gulf is now introducing a new standard to its homebuyers by purchasing insurance coverage on the full amount of their deposits.

Only the first $40,000 of a deposit on a freehold house purchase is currently covered by Tarion Warranty Corporation.(1) Recognizing that in today’s residential real estate market the average deposit usually exceeds this amount, Great Gulf has decided to purchase, at no cost to the homeowner, Westmount Guarantee Services Inc.’s Westmount Protect deposit insurance(2) on the balance of each new home deposit.

Peace of mind now comes standard when insuring your full deposit on a new Great Gulf home. A first in Ontario, Great Gulf and Westmount Guarantee Services are partnering to provide Westmount Protect deposit protection insurance with each new home purchase transaction. This program will be launching immediately with the new Westfield community location in Brampton.

“We’re always looking for new ideas and new innovations to provide our home buyers with the best possible options,” explains Christopher Wein, president of Great Gulf. “We pride ourselves in building homes to the highest possible standards of quality and design while ensuring that our purchasers have peace of mind when making a major investment commitment. We are delighted to offer this advantage to our customers so that they may benefit from the serenity of knowing their initial investment is protected.”

(1) Tarion Warranty Corporation administers deposit protection as provided under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

(2) Westmount Protect deposit protection insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.


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