Discover innovation at the Green Living Show

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Discover innovation at the Green Living Show

At this year’s Green Living Show, taking place April 7 to 9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, you’ll find some truly ingenious products that combine innovation and sustainability. These are the top 11 most innovative products coming to this year’s show:

Crazy D’s All Natural Soda
Soda without the guilt. Crazy D’s All-Natural Soda is hand-crafted in Toronto and uses the science of nature’s prebiotic root vegetables instead of sugar to achieve a hint of sweetness. Crazy D’s are available in three flavours: Ginga’ Kick, Thrilla In Vanilla, and Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola.

Revelo’s LIFT (Light Instant Folding Transport) folds in a swift seven seconds, making it the fastest folding, easiest rolling and most portable performance folding bike on the market.

Yoga Leggings
Besides offering all of the qualities of standard yoga leggings — such as moisture wicking, breathable, quick drying and a wide waistband that stays put — these leggings, handmade in Vancouver by Inner Fire — are made from BPA-free recycled water bottles.

The Nutritower
Imagine enjoying food that’s never travelled further than from your kitchen to your plate. The Nutritower is a revolutionary new appliance that lets you grow fresh produce in the comfort of your own home. With its vertical design, its integrated lighting and its top-of-the-line technology, you’ll be growing food year round.

Stainless Steel Containers
Dalcini Stainless Dalcini Stainless Steel Containers are made of high-quality stainless steel, the kind used in hospitals and commercial kitchens around the world for nearly 200 years. All products are carefully designed with no interior seams, no tight corners, and no complicated lips, seals or clasps (where harmful bacteria often get trapped). They are 100 per cent plastic free and best of all, they are 100 per cent dishwasher safe.

Healthy Dog Treats
Wilder and Harrier creates dog treats made from whole crickets dried-up and ground into a fine powder. Known as cricket flour, this powder is a superfood, full of important nutrients like Omega-3, which are hard to find in most animal protein, essential amino acids, vitamin B-12, iron, calcium and fibre. It is also very high in protein — actually twice as much as beef — and low in fat and calories.

Ritual Box
AHLOT is disrupting decades of stigma by crafting a new, confident ritual around cannabis use. The Ritual Box has a thoughtful, modular design, creating beautiful experiences for discerning enthusiasts.

Vegan Cashew Cheese
Fauxmagerie Zengarry offers a line of all-natural, dairy-free, cashew-based cheeses. Made in Glengarry, Ont., these cheeses feature fresh ingredients like cold-pressed organic coconut oil, local organic garlic and fresh herbs and spices. These cheeses are never heated above 100F to maintain and protect naturally occurring vital enzymes that aid in digestion. Glengarry also lacto-ferments the cheeses for 24 to 48 hours to culture probiotics that aid in digestion and help maintain a healthy intestinal micro-flora.

20/20 Armor
The electronic taekwondo chest protectors by 20/20 Armor bring a video game to life. Created by a team of Olympic Taekwondo experts and modern hardware and software engineers, this vest boasts a practical and simple to understand scoring method, which attracts and retains kids to practice taekwondo, and make it easier for fans to follow and enjoy. The vests also provide real time feedback to athletes and coaches to help improve performance.

Vita Active Kit
Fitglow Beauty uses formulas that protect ingredients in liposome plant stem cells to rebuild skin health. The Vita Active Serum nourishes skin with niacinamide, plant dtem vells, nearberry, peptides, sstaxanthin, seaweed nrighteners, high level bio-lipids, vitamin C, vitamin E, turmeric and aloe vera to diminish spots, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and increase skin elasticity.

Black Out Bulb
The Black Out Bulb is a CSA-approved energy-saving LED that uses its built-in rechargeable battery during a power outage. This bulb works just like a regular light bulb and has an amazing average lifespan of 50,000 hours. It will fit any regular socket and with the options of soft or bright lighting, in 7 or 9 watts, you still get the same opportunities for creating a mood in your home that you would with conventional bulbs.



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