Decor Expert: Kimberley’s Guide To Bathroom Bliss

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Decor Expert: Kimberley’s Guide To Bathroom Bliss

Photography: Donna Griffith

The luxurious touches that transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like experience

It used to be that extraordinary design features were reserved for living and dining rooms; presumably because this is where they could be admired by guests. In contrast, today’s homeowner is committed to creating private rooms that pamper, with the bathroom being of prime importance. If you’re designing or redecorating a master ensuite, treat yourself to some well-deserved luxury.


Include one furniture item that is not specifically for the bathroom. Store bath towels or toiletries on a beautiful chair perched beside the tub or in a good-looking chest of drawers. Place an upholstered bench beside the shower.

Enjoy the sculptural impact of gorgeous faucets. Waterfall options turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa. A glittering chandelier or modern light fixture is also right at home in today’s bathroom.


When space permits, design-savvy homeowners are choosing the “his-and-her” ensuite combination. Side-by-side chambers provide privacy for each and allow for customization in design and function.

Thanks to modern technology, you can watch your favourite TV program right in the bathroom. Visit electronic stores to discover options such as a screen mounted into a panel behind a specialty mirror.

Keep bath products organized with dispensers for soap, shampoo, and shaving cream that install easily on tiled shower surfaces. Use a decorative tray to stylishly group a collection of utilitarian bottles such as shampoos, lotions and perfumes.


Display a generous arrangement of white towels on open shelving, inside glass-front cabinetry, or stacked in plain sight. The spa-like abundance brings a feeling of well-being to this busy room. Fill large glass cylinders or apothecary jars with necessary supplies like cotton balls and Q-tips.

Original artwork in the bathroom? Absolutely. Where there is high humidity, opt for an oil painting rather than works on paper, which are behind glass and therefore susceptible to condensation. Only the most precious paintings should be banned from the bathroom.

Kimberley Seldon


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