“Creating an oasis of serenity in your bathroom”

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“Creating an oasis of serenity in your bathroom”

For too long, the bathroom has been viewed simply as a place for freshening up. As property prices increase and space becomes increasingly precious, the bathroom has become one of the smallest rooms in the house in most cases, with homeowners placing more emphasis on decorating the other, larger parts of the house.

However, contrary to popular belief, statistics have shown that the bathroom is the hangout spot of choice these days, with people spending on average 20 to 30 minutes a day in their home bathrooms. With so many minutes a day spent in the bathroom, it is time to consider looking at ensuring you beautify one of the most valuable spaces in your home.

I am sharing a few tricks of the trade that will help to turn your bijou bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary where you’ll want to lock yourself away and unwind in peace.

Creating a luxurious environment within a small space can seem like a challenging task however it need not be. Investing in a main centerpiece can transform any bathroom into one that emits luxury and relaxation, and the best centerpiece you can choose is a freestanding bath. Incorporating a freestanding bath is a must today and one of my fav international bath products company to look at is Victoria + Albert . Check out the many design options at vandabaths.com

Victoria + Albert’s Napoli Bath Credit: Setless Architecture

Introducing different materials into the bathroom creates an interesting juxtaposition that can transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven. Surfaces such as rough natural stone or marble are great base textures to mix up with wood and glass, which are all practical bathroom materials. To further enhance the experience, introduce some plants to bring the outdoors, indoors. This is one way to emulate a island holiday feel.

To complete the zen spa-like environment, pamper yourself with fluffy towels, bathrobes, incense, bath oils and candles to create a serene atmosphere to truly relax and unwind. The bathroom is a place where you should feel free and comfortable, no matter what size the space. Victoria + Albert’s

Couple of key questions you need to ask before you renovate your bathroom:

  • How do you take your bath – think about what you like to do while bathing. Do you read in the bath? Do you lounge by yourself or do you enjoy bathing with someone else? Does the bath need to be easily accessible and are you bathing your children in it?
  • Try before you buy – you would never purchase a bed without first testing the springs, so why would you not try out with a bath?
  • Consider the space – not all bathrooms are the same; some have more space than others. Work with a professional like myself to carefully plan out the room. Also keep in mind the style. Is the decor clean and modern, or classic and traditional?

Kate Davidson is the Designer and Principal of Kate Davidson Design Inc. a multi disciplinary interior design firm providing complete design, renovating services for residential & commercial clients throughout Toronto, GTA. Canada. The growing design firm is known for creating stylish livable spaces as unique as their clients www.katedavidsondesign.com @KateDavidson_



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