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  • Ford Transit Connect

    The Connect Van is little changed from 2107 and that includes the sticker price of $24,604 for the basic XL model. That’s lower than the original price of $25,754 when the Connect debuted, a saving of $1,150. Who says there’s no such thing as progress!

  • Kitchen Planner

    The kitchen is the hub of any home, and the sink and faucet are probably the hardest working components in any kitchen. By focussing on those two interrelated components you can generate a lot of business working with clients ranging from budget-conscious, small-space dwellers, to affluent homeowners looking to create the luxurious kitchen of their…

  • Work Smart: Tie One On

    In every issue of Renovation Contractor we include a readers’ time-saving tip for getting the job done, and send them a great prize for sharing their idea.

  • Register For The 2018 Renovators’ Roundtable

    Our next Renovators’ Roundtable will take place Wednesday, February 28 through Friday March 2, 2018.

  • Video: Skid Steer Smackdown Hill Climb

    The Battle in Bowling Green, pits real contractors in the cab of competitor equipment to take on John Deere skid steers in four events. This first event is a hill-climbing contest with Smackdown supremacy at stake.

  • The “green” Issue And The Workplace

    Our managing editor, Allan Britnell, is working on a feature for the February/March issue on the implications of legal weed on the construction workplace, and we’d like your input.

  • Renovator Profile: Victor Mingo Quality Construction Ltd.

    In the town of Truro, Nova Scotia, competition is tight for construction clients and certified carpenters. But Victor Mingo … Continue reading Renovator Profile: Victor Mingo Quality Construction Ltd. →

  • Early Century, Un-modern

    The "good ol' days" are right now for Ben Sansum, a dapper British man in his late thirties who lives life like it's 1946.

  • Imitation Is Supposed To Be Flattering

    A couple in Toronto’s pricey Forest Hill neighbourhood sued nearby neighbours for copying the look of their custom-built home.

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