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  • Garden Expert: Come One, Come All

    I made several insect hotels in my wood working shop for some of my gardening friends. They were received graciously but, at the same time, with a common query: “What IS it? What does an insect hotel do? What kind of insects will it attract? Are they all good for my garden?”

  • Garden Expert: In The Food Garden

    Every time I go out into my 10-acre garden, I am reminded that the food I grew with such pride through the summer is melting away into pockets of rot. But I am here to tell you there is an encore happening in your garden

  • Garden Expert: A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Mark singles out some of his preferred garden performers. It's late summer and the autumn planting season is on our threshold.

  • Reno Expert: Picture-perfect Patio

    With summer upon us, most of us are keen to spend as much time as possible outdoors. But is your own backyard an inviting oasis, or an overgrown disaster? If the ongoing real estate boom has taught us one thing, it's that land is very valuable. As homeowners we should take advantage of every square…

  • Decor Expert : Kimberley's Guide To Outdoor Living

    Carve out a private paradise in your garden Quick. Which is the most expensive room to decorate?

  • Reno Expert: Solid Structure

    In Ontario, the recurring backyard theme is a deck. Whether they're clad in natural wood or a composite product such as Trex, decks are outdoor extensions of our household living space. Many are simply a place to park the barbecue and a patio table but, increasingly, they're loaded with bells and whistles that literally include…

  • Designer Touch : A Woodland Garden Escape

    This ravishing ravine garden retreat is made in the shade. Protected from the hustle and bustle of urban life by a lush wooded ravine and shady canopy of mature trees, this serene backyard escape, designed and built by its owners, has embraced its natural surroundings to become the perfect oasis where they can wind down…

  • Cover Story : Beauty In Abundance

    Sculptural, serene and sophisticated, a layered lakeside garden provides changing and spectacular views all year long.

  • Garden Expert: Home Turf

    Now that June is here, summer weather will come calling, with high temperatures followed, no doubt, and a lack of water. It is time to sit back and let your lawn take care of itself. You can have a great-looking lawn without the supposed ‘work’ or environmental detriment. This is the perfect time of year…

  • Domestic Details: Recipe For Delicious Al Fresco Dining

    Easy steps to setting up an outdoor kitchen. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about outdoor cooking as Michael P. Clive. A grill expert for barbecue manufacturer Weber, he’s woken his wife in the middle of the night, “smelling like a smokehouse” after checking a recipe that requires overnight cooking.

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