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  • Storage Planning Is The Key To A Successful Home Renovation Project

    Spring has arrived and it’s time to tackle the home renovation project you’ve been planning all winter long. You also may have noticed a lot of friends and family are taking on home renovations, and that’s for one reason: as house prices continue to rise in several Canadian real estate markets, many homeowners are choosing…

  • Discover Innovation At The Green Living Show

    At this year’s Green Living Show, taking place April 7 to 9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, you’ll find some truly ingenious products that combine innovation and sustainability.

  • Ikea Marks Earth Month

    Ikea is excited about all the possibilities there are to live more sustainably at home. Each of our small actions adds up if we do our part. That’s why Ikea wants to help everyone live a more sustainable life, but also make it available to as many people as possible because sustainable living shouldn’t be…

  • Better Living Expert - Domestic Details A Clean Sweep

    Top-to-tail spring cleaning makes summer living even sweeter.

  • Designer Tips - Sensible Style

    A mix of high and low features offer improved function in this classic & contemporary kitchen.

  • Industry Expert: Bild - Weathering A Winter Reno

    Winter might seem like an unusual time to undertake a renovation but with the right knowledge and a bit of preparation it can be a great time to add value to your home. Although we are at the end of this winter season, keep these helpful tips top of mind and ensure a future winter…

  • Your New Start Can Be Someone Else's, Too

    Moving to a new home is an exciting and stressful time. Think: a new space, a different layout, a blank canvas! But before you move in, you’ve got to move out of the old.

  • Professional Handyman Saves Big On Reno

    Much to my wife’s chagrin, jobs around my house are often last on my list. However, this New Year I have resolved to transform my boring builder’s kitchen into a thing of beauty with improved, family-friendly functionality. I am going for a complete overhaul, but will be saving thousands of dollars on labour with things…

  • 5 Green Renovations For Your Home

    Planning a home renovation is both a fun and stressful task. It’s exhilarating to think of all the ways you can improve your home and turn it into a reflection of your personality, lifestyle, and values. It’s also stressful to consider aspects like budget, time management, DIY vs. hiring professionals, and how to navigate the…

  • Managing Change During Your Home Renovation

    Managing change is an important skill to learn when taking on a home renovation project. With so many websites, magazines and TV shows filled with images of gorgeous homes, it can be easy to find yourself suddenly dizzied by inspiratio

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