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  • Reno Expert: Don't Move, Improve

    So save yourself the stress and cost of looking elsewhere for a dream home. That perfect space is possible right where you currently reside, with the added bonus of not purging your possessions and packing your life up into boxes.

  • Reno Expert: Re-imagining Home

    They say that home is where the heart is. It's also where we spend most of our time (granted, much of that time we're fast asleep). But, still, shouldn't your home be a place you love to be in?

  • Industry Expert: Professionals Prosper

    The keys to any successful renovation are thoughtful consideration, preparation, and working with a professional who executes that plan.

  • Design/build Expert: Permit Process Primer

    Whether creating, moving or otherwise altering a structural wall; relocating or running a new drain; installing a new furnace or amending the location or size of a heat run—a permit is required.

  • Jo Alcorn: How To Create The Best Bedroom Retreat

    When the cooler weather arrives, people tend to hunker down and seek out cuddly corners in their home. Fall is an ideal time to create a cozy bedroom retreat, before the annual time change and seasonal lack of sunshine happens.

  • Better Living Expert - Tomorrow's Kitchen

    The kitchen may just be the hardest working room in the contemporary home. Increasingly connected, it links family members to each other and the rest of the world through technology, and frequently does double duty as a homework hub, social centre or home office.

  • Domestice Details: Picture-perfect Paint Tips

    Without a doubt, the easiest, most affordable way to transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint, which can change everything from the tone of the interior light to which colours stand out in furnishings, art and accessories.

  • Industry Expert: First Things First

    Simplify the building permit process by entrusting your renovation to a professional.

  • Makeover: A Place For Everything

    DIY expert, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, gets her garage in gear in a super stylish, low budget way.

  • Architecture Expert: Size Doesn't Matter

    The seven-step strategy to creating an enchanting urban garden. Creating a garden in an urban space can be a challenge. However, because most are typically small, it can be a great opportunity to invest a few really lovely details that inspire the space. Also, because gardening can be a time-consuming activity, a small garden gives…

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