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  • Hard As Stone

    Integrating elements that add strength and character

  • Designer Touch - Sea-side Dreams

    Nestled among the charms of downtown Oakville, this three-level townhouse boasts picture perfect lakefront views, with sailboats and swans bobbing by daily. The aquatic outdoor scenery became a natural source of interior inspiration, with each room designed to frame the vistas and invite them in. Here’s how we achieved this serene marine esthetic.

  • Jo Alcorn: Nursery Decor

    A baby’s room needs to be fun and playful, but also a place they can grow into. For this baby boy’s nursery I kept longevity in mind, creating a space that would take him from toddler to teen with minimal updates.

  • Bathroom Bliss

    Bathrooms are traditionally one of the smallest rooms in your home, and have long been simply a functional space that never garnered much attention. However, today bathrooms are becoming elevated to highly stylized spaces that not only evoke personal taste but customized lavishness.

  • Decor Expert: Kimberley's Guide To Bathroom Bliss

    The luxurious touches that transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like experience

  • Designer Tips: Petite Perfection

    I worked closely with the homeowners to lay out all the interior walls, including the master bathroom, leaving us with a smaller-than-average master bath. The goal in this space ultimately was to pack as much function and style in this master retreat, despite the smaller size.

  • Innovative Home Ideas

    In my line of work, I am often come across innovative home products, and new designer colours and trends long before they hit the consumer market. It’s part of what I love about my job! Take a look at a few cool things I’ll certainly be including in my fall client projects.

  • Cover Story: Modern Art

    From the first time designer Natalie Venalainen met with clients about expanding the third floor of their home to include a master bedroom and ensuite bath, it was clear they knew what they wanted—a clean-lined, light-filled, modern space.

  • Design/build Expert: Bathroom Basics

    The earliest records of baths date back to 3000 BC. In 5,000 years, the basic need for bathing has not changed tremendously, though the frequency of use of this societal norm has increased and so has our expectations of this essential space. The technological revolution is also helping to shift our expectations of what we…

  • Home Finds: Bathroom Breakthrough

    From a sea of white fixtures and neutral backdrops emerges a new kind of bathroom—swapping safe with bold—we embrace colour, pretty patterns and sensual texture. It's time to amp up the drama and add some oomph with these latest trends.

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