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  • Design Lesson: Empty Nest Makeover

    Two busy professionals plus one empty nest in need of a main-floor renovation equals one daunting task—too daunting to go it alone—the couple hired my design firm to eliminate the stress of a massive main floor renovation.

  • Design Expert: Kitchen Counterculture

    The counter top is of premium concern for any homeowner working on a kitchen renovation. Even if you’re just “sprucing it up,” the counter makes a huge impact. Beyond the wow-factor lies the more practical use as your food preparation area. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which is…

  • Decor Tips: In Living Colour

    As a designer, colour is among my most-used, most-loved go-to tools. Colour can be a front-andcentre focal point, or used as a complementary element to everything else that’s in a room. Colour is used to express personality, affect mood and promote well-being. Colour has the power to inspire.

  • Designer Touch: Cooking With Character

    Nothing beats a good kitchen renovation. Especially one that transforms the way you use your home. This personality packed kitchen makes a statement and yet provides much needed functionality for a young family.

  • Formica Launches Living Impressions Collection

    Formica Canada, a leader in laminate manufacturing, is launching its 2018 Living Impressions Collection featuring 11 beautiful, durable and affordable Formica designs for today’s homes.

  • Decor Details: Eclectic Downsizing

    Downsizing from a five-bedroom house to a three-bedroom condo, to most, would seem like an ideal opportunity to purge, finally ridding your home of ”all the stuff” that no longer serves a function or holds meaning for you. But when you’ve amassed a fabulous, eclectic collection of furniture and art: Oh boy, what are you…

  • Design/build Expert - Kitchen Trends

    The most popular room in every home, the kitchen has become more than a space to simply prepare meals.

  • Nkba 2018 Design Awards: Shine On

    This year’s gala event gains momentum and puts the spotlight on an ever-growing pool of design talent in Ontario

  • Decor Expert: Kimberley's Guide To Kitchen Budgeting

    Regardless of budget, when it comes to renovating a kitchen, or any room for that matter, there is only a certain amount of money available. The leaded-glass cabinet doors may be worth the investment, but it’s only possible as part of an overall plan that incorporates other, more modest choices.

  • Home Finds: Back To The Future

    Today's kitchen combines future-forward convenience, stylish customization and a nod to the classic touches that warm up and make this hard-working space, the most inviting in the home.

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