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  • Victoria + Albert Perfects The Brass Finish

    Some things really do improve over time. After making an impressive resurgence in popularity from their peak in the 1990s, brass fixtures are among the hottest trends in bathroom design with today’s styles showcasing a warmer and more sophisticated vibe than the bold brass of decades past.

  • 4 Main Options When Picking Flooring For Your Home

    New floors can considerably change the look, feel and value of your house, especially if you are dealing with old flooring or need to replace the carpet. The good news is that there are many sweeping trends you can pick from. This article looks at the four main options you will have when picking the…

  • Saving Water In The Shower

    Tips from the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating on how to save water in the shower.

  • Homes Publishing Group Corporate Video

    What HOMES Publishing Group is all about.... Your HOME.

  • Ciph Because Water Matters -- Saving Water In The Shower

    Tips from the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating on how to save water in the shower.

  • Pink And Black Are Back

    With all the attention pinky gold metals and inky black finishes are getting in the décor world right now, you’d think these delicious tones had just been discovered. In fact, rosey metallics and deep-space blacks never disappear for long.

  • Ciph Presents Because Water Matters: Earth Week

    Because Water Matters was created by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating to educate and inform consumers about tips, technology and trends in the plumbing industry. In celebration of Earth Day, this video focuses on how to conserve water in the bathroom with modern plumbing products.

  • Architecture Expert: Size Doesn't Matter

    The seven-step strategy to creating an enchanting urban garden. Creating a garden in an urban space can be a challenge. However, because most are typically small, it can be a great opportunity to invest a few really lovely details that inspire the space. Also, because gardening can be a time-consuming activity, a small garden gives…

  • Property Brothers Want You!

    The Emmy-nominated Property Brothers — starring twins Jonathan and Drew Scott — is now casting in York Region and North York its next season in the fall of 2017.

  • Enjoy A Truly Canadian Meal To Celebrate Canada 150

    Canada’s 150th birthday is a time to celebrate all things Canadian. Being Canadian brings on thoughts of salmon swimming upstream to spawn, peameal bacon sizzling in a pan, beavertails on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal and tapping maple trees for fresh syrup when the cold winter starts to break.

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