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  • Docking At Bermuda’s Historic Dockyards

    A “mosquito” is annoying our cab driver as we make our way along the picturesque coastal South Road leading to the historic Royal Navy Dockyards.

  • Glacier Express A Frozen Swiss Treat

    From my seat aboard the Glacier Express, I feel like I’m looking at an endless series of Giovanni Segantini paintings. The breathtaking Alpine pastoral landscapes that the legendary 19th-century Italian artist was so famous for painting are framed in my window as the scenic train slowly moves through the heart of the Swiss Alps.

  • Destination Ontario: Ontario's Riviera Port Dover & Norfolk County

    Located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Port Dover is one of Ontario’s best kept secrets with tropicallike beaches, fresh-water activities and fishing, as well as some of the province’s most beautiful scenery.

  • Travel: The Laurentians

    Located north of Montreal, Les Laurentides is a region crossed by the rounded Laurentian Mountains. The area features vast forests, more than 9,000 lakes and 100 fresh-flowing rivers, as well as thousands of kilometres of cross-country skiing trails.

  • Travel: The Oxford Experience

    Created in 1991 by Trevor Rowley, The Oxford Experience is just that – an experience. Using much of their same words, The Oxford Experience is a residential summer programme providing one-week courses in a variety of subjects aimed at non-specialists in the areas of archaeology and early history; art; music; houses and gardens; literature and…

  • Destination Ontario: Waterloo Region

    The cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge are known as the Tri-Cities. Situated in southwestern Ontario on the Grand River, the Region of Waterloo is Canada’s 10th largest metropolitan area.

  • Aruba Is An Island Of Smiles

    We are heading in the direction of an iconic lighthouse at the northernmost tip of the island, which has become Aruba’s most famous landmark. The 30-metre-high California Lighthouse (named for the steamship California which wrecked on the jagged rocks just offshore in 1891) overlooks the island’s treasured sand dunes and secluded Arashi Beach, which boasts…

  • You’ll Leave Your Heart In Lisbon

    “I have been to San Francisco,” Johanna reported just as garbage collectors dumped a load of empty wine bottles into their truck, setting off a cacophony that echoed off the stone walls of the old neighborhood. As the lovely young Johanna headed back toward the restaurant entrance, she turned and told us, “You will find…

  • Travel: Fly Fishing

    I have lasting memories of the 1992 movie A River Runs Through It, and I can honestly say that it has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. Images from the movie stayed with me because of the beautiful fly fishing scenes.

  • Travel : Thailand

    With a long-standing tourist industry, Thailand is often described as a magical place to visit. It is the number one destination in southeast Asia, and attracts millions of visitors each year.

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