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  • You’ll Leave Your Heart In Lisbon

    “I have been to San Francisco,” Johanna reported just as garbage collectors dumped a load of empty wine bottles into their truck, setting off a cacophony that echoed off the stone walls of the old neighborhood. As the lovely young Johanna headed back toward the restaurant entrance, she turned and told us, “You will find…

  • Travel: Fly Fishing

    I have lasting memories of the 1992 movie A River Runs Through It, and I can honestly say that it has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. Images from the movie stayed with me because of the beautiful fly fishing scenes.

  • Travel : Thailand

    With a long-standing tourist industry, Thailand is often described as a magical place to visit. It is the number one destination in southeast Asia, and attracts millions of visitors each year.

  • Destination Ontario: Hamilton & Burlington

    Golden Horseshoe Port Cities - Hamilton & Burlington

  • Who Discovered Canada? ‘we Did,’ Say The Basque

    n this tiny backwater fishing port that opens up to the Atlantic’s Bay of Biscay, Canadian and Basque history intersect at a small maritime museum that is hoping to recreate the past.

  • A Night To Remember

    Out of the shadows of a darkened Old Town street walks a man wearing a black cape and tricorne. His face is gaunt, his skin a ghostly white. In one hand he carries a lamp. In the other, a long staff with a spear and axe affixed at the top. For a moment, his menacing…

  • Destination Ontario - Muskoka: A Truly Canadian Destination

    High praise was received from National Geographic Traveler editors in 2011, when they included Muskoka cottage country on their Top 10 Best Summer Trips’ list. It’s no secret for most Ontarians, or anyone who's had the privilege to visit our northern environs, that there's no other place like it.

  • Destinantion Ontario: Falling For Niagara

    In the early 1800s, it was the French who popularized Niagara Falls as the honeymoon capital of the world. Since then, thousands have chosen the Falls as their honeymoon retreat.

  • Destination Ontario - Viamede Resort

    On our 150th anniversary it's quite fitting to highlight a resort that's been around for almost as long as confederation. Since 1885, Viamede Resort has been a favoured holiday destination.

  • Hoshinoya Tokyo Takes Culture To New Heights

    I arrive at the entrance of the Hoshinoya Tokyo, the capital’s newest hotel, on the eve of Bunka no Hi (Culture Day), when the nation celebrates its deeply rooted customs and traditions.

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