Publication: Interviews

  • Cover Story: Rosemary Dunsmore

    Rosemary Dunsmore, award-winning actress of stage, film and the small screen, was frazzled and stressed out when I met up with her. After living in her funky Rose Cottage that overlooks a beautiful, forested ravine for the past 27 years, Dunsmore was on the move

  • Cover Story : Debbie Travis Living Her Dream

    To most people in Canada, Debbie Travis is a household name. We were first introduced to her through her instructional painting videos, books and a hit television series called Debbie Travis’ Painted House, which won her two Gemini Awards.

  • Cover Story – Bruce Cockburn

    By Cece Scott “I had another dream about lions at the door They weren’t half as frightening as … Continue reading Cover Story – Bruce Cockburn →

  • Cover Story – Christine Bentley

    By Cece Scott “I love working, I love being involved. I am not ever going to stop. I … Continue reading Cover Story – Christine Bentley →

  • Cover Story – Janet-laine Green And Booth Savage

    By Cece Scott Bone china is the anniversary symbol for a couple who have been married for 36 years. … Continue reading Cover Story – Janet-Laine Green and Booth Savage →