Publication: Exterior

  • Active Home: Stretch Out The Seasons

    Trying to extend outdoor time in our seasonal climate, and squeeze as much living as possible out of our backyards, has become a national preoccupation. With the addition of fire pits, heaters, deep-seated sectional sofas, dining areas and lots of lights, it’s easy to accomplish.

  • In The Garden: Stay-cool Gardening

    Whether you follow the farmers’ almanac, the pundits of global warming, or listen to the long range forecast, this summer is bound to be a hot one. So, the burning question is, “How do you enjoy a great-looking garden in the heat?”

  • In The Garden : Welcome To Spring 2017

    Recovering from the heavy weight of snow on their branches, the cedars are now bent over. The local rabbit population have nibbled the bark on your young apple tree, and the yew hedge is burned on the south and west sides. This may not describe your garden, but these are things I’m witnessing in mine.…

  • Ice Breakers Hits The Toronto Waterfront

    Ice Breakers was conceived to inspire exploration of the urban waterfront in the colder months.

  • The New Grasses


  • In The Garden – For The Birds

    Consider what kinds of birds you’d like to attract to your yard and use the most apt seed in your feeders.