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  • Working With A Dietitian

    If you have someone in your family who suffers from a nutrition-related condition you may want to depend on reliable and safe advice from a qualified dietitian. READ MORE

  • In The Garden: National Tree Day

    After much debate, a bill was passed in the House of Commons in 2011 to create a National Tree Day each year, which falls on the last Wednesday in the month of September. This year, that day is September 26th.

  • Body & Soul: Healthy Indoor Living

    While many of us would like to think that our indoor air quality is no worse than what we breathe outside, it can be up to five times more polluted.

  • Cleaning Is Good For Your Health

    New survey shows Canadians’ wellbeing tied to cleaning and washing dishes is the most therapeutic cleaning task. READ MORE

  • How To Eat For A Healthy, Long Life

    Chef Gary McBlain offers healthy and delicious eating tips for seniors. READ MORE

  • Aquazul Waterfront Condos

    Gorgeous lakeside views was one of the main reasons that new home buyers flocked to the AQUAZUL waterfront condominium project.

  • Dover Wharf Condominiums

    Located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Port Dover is one of Ontario's best kept secrets with beautiful scenery, fishing, and freshwater beaches.

  • Simply Tech: Fitbit Feedback

    Fitness trackers have come a long way since the pedometer – the original step counter. Not just for health enthusiasts, the latest Fitbit models also include practical applications to help you to enjoy your day.

  • Body & Soul: Manage Your Cholesterol

    High cholesterol is a silent condition. If you don't monitor your levels, or put off your medication, an aggressive buildup of plaque can block a key artery or blood vessel, which can cause chest pain, a stroke or a heart attack.

  • Builder Profile: Marz Homes

    Marz Homes has made a tradition of signing the completion of each home that they build with a brick bearing their name.

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