Cambria introduces seven new designs

Cambria introduces seven new designs

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Cambria introduces seven new designs

Cambria, the first and only family-owned, American-made natural quartz producer in North America, maintains its international lead in design, beauty and innovation with the introduction of seven new designs across three distinct and beautiful collections. With the addition of these seven designs, Cambria now offers an unparalleled 133 designs across nine collections. The new designs are available for order immediately through Cambria’s exclusive network of premium independent specialty retail and trade partners.

“As the industry leader in quartz, we pair emerging trends with inspiration from the penetrating natural landscape of Wales – Cambria’s unique heritage — to consistently deliver exquisite and imaginative designs,” said Peter Martin, executive vice president sales, marketing and business partner services at Cambria. “We continually improve our advanced proprietary technologies to create the most wide-ranging natural stone surfaces.

“Our seven new designs translate the beauty of nature into timeless and luxurious design palettes our partners and homeowners crave.”

In the Marble Collection, Swanbridge, Carrick and Weybourne expand Cambria’s elegant marble palette, offering the classic, sought-after sophistication of marble, but none of the maintenance.

From the Coastal Collection, Helmsley, Harlech, and Princetown are three distinctive, rich, and exceptional designs that make an impressive statement in any space. Hadley adds more depth with a bold navy design and unlimited versatility in the Desert Collection.


Complex and flowing, Swanbridge features a pillowy marble foundation, with medium-tone gray veins, dabs of creamy white accents, and pinpoint charcoal speckles scattered throughout.


Presenting a modern spin on smooth concrete, Carrick flourishes swirling shades of gray and soft charcoal specks to create an intriguing pattern in this stylish and contemporary composition.


Soft and airy, Weybourne is a timeless blend of classic pillowy marble tones grounded with subtle gray veins for added character and intrigue.



Offering a generous measure of sophistication, Helmsley is a stunning merger of rich coppers, golds and tans pirouetting among pewter veins and ebony confetti.


Rich and aristocratic, Harlech is an elegant union of noble coppers, golds and tans infused around and within boldly dramatic gray-sparkled veins of black, gray, and white.


Calling to mind the ceremony and splendor of life at court, Princetown cloaks itself in regal shades of deep purple and gold that swirl behind dramatic black and white veins.



Modern and sophisticated, Hadley is a solid blue as crisp, clean and classy as the spotless uniforms of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy.

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