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Walk-in closets aren’t just a beautiful place to store your clothes, the right features maximize function and keep you stress-free from closet chaos.

Investing in custom closets and vanities is a great way to make the most of a small space and an opportunity to stay organized. Starting the day with spaces that are well designed can help put us at ease and keep frustrations at bay. How many times have you looked through your closet, while running late for work, searching in vain for your black skirt? Or continually spilled toiletries because there wasn’t enough space to properly put everything away?

A good designer can analyze your behaviour and design a purpose-built solution that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.


First of all, a custom walk-in closet should be a comfortable place where you love spending time. Not only just a space to store clothes, a great closet can also be dressing area, a reading nook and in some cases—a social space. Providing seating and a variety of lighting techniques is critical to making the space comfortable.

Natural lighting in a closet is great, but make sure strong sun is mitigated as to not fade clothes.


Adding accessories in the closet help to ramp up your efficiency and keep busy lives on track. At a minimum, closets should offer lower and upper hanging rods, full-height hanging rods, shelves and some storage space. Drawers are a great addition, especially if the bedroom is small and there is no room for a dresser. As well, fixtures can include the following:

  • Valet Rods
  • Tie Organizers
  • Scarf Organizers
  • Purse Cubbies
  • Sock/Underwear Drawer Dividers
  • Shoe Racks
  • Jewelry Storage


Lighting is critical! There are many options for lighting, but rods with integrated LED lighting are fantastic. As well, ceiling lighting is important. In a large walk-in closet, pendants are a lovely addition to the space and help give the design an overall style.

In larger closets, an island is a luxurious addition. The extra countertop is useful and this feature can contain drawers or cubbies. Personally, I like to add jewelry drawers to the island. There is also the option of adding a laundry hamper and a pullout ironing board.

Closets should have adjustable shelves. These can be moved up or down to accommodate a changing wardrobe. Fall clothing is generally a little bulky, especially for items like hoodies and sweaters.


If you have ‘reach-in’ closets only, consider eliminating the standard sliding doors and replace with a combination of drawers and doors that suit your wardrobe needs. Not only will this improve the value of your home and make it more efficient, it is infinitely more beautiful.


Designing vanities that offer storage drawers, pullout trolleys, and dividing trays can make grooming a pleasure. Adding storage towers aside the mirror is a great way to increase space and visual interest. For deep drawers, adding a secondary ‘drawer within a drawer’ or a sliding tray makes good use of space. Laundry hampers and garbage cans built into the vanity keep the bathroom tidy. One great way to get increased bathroom storage is to recess it into the wall, either in a medicine cabinet, or with the millwork.

Accent your space with a bench or a pouf. By adding to a closet or a vanity area, it is a wonderful way to relax while getting dressed, applying makeup or styling your hair. If you have a ‘free wall,’ consider adding hooks for purses, scarfs, robes or belts. Even the smallest of spaces can be functional by using your creativity.

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