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Create the ultimate guest-friendly bedroom experience


Purchase the largest bed the room will allow, while still accommodating at least one nightstand, a side chair and/or bench and a chest of drawers. Upholstered headboards soften the look and provide a wonderful backdrop for guests who just want to relax in their room and perhaps read a book. It is important to source a comfortable mattress that provides firm support, but with a pillow top that envelops the guest and makes them feel cosy. Pillow-top mattresses are also good for senior guests who may feel extra pressure on their joints.

Several key ingredients go into designing a bedroom that will make your guests feel welcomed. The goals are ensuring they are comfortable, delighted and experience a restful night of sleep. (Photo By: Jody Johnson)


High-quality sheets can make a huge difference for a good night’s sleep. While 100 per cent Egyptian cotton is the gold standard, consideration should be given to bamboo or silk. Include a silk duvet, coverlet and at least four pillows. It’s also nice to include a warm, fuzzy throw for the foot of the bed. Bamboo fabric naturally resists mould, mildew and odours, allowing for less-frequent washing. Bamboo fibre is also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. While silk has hypoallergenic properties, it is also a natural protein and therefore is far less hospitable to dust mites, which can trigger allergic reactions. The use of silk bedding and silk-filled duvets greatly reduces the amount of dust mites in the bedroom. Avoid feather pillows in a guest bedroom in case one of your guests is allergic. There are many microfibre options, which mimic feather down


Include a nightstand (or two) with a small drawer. The nightstands should be large enough for a bedside lamp with a light source that is adjustable. Consideration should be given to purchasing a nightstand with a top surface that withstands the condensation from a cup of water or a spilled glass of wine. If not, have glass cut for the top to save yourself the heartbreak. The chest of drawers should provide enough space to accommodate a week or two worth of clothing. Add a mirror on top and some accessory containers for jewelry and sunglasses.


Don’t forget the windows! Blinds and drapes can provide a beautiful addition to any room. Consider blackout window coverings to allow the guests to sleep in past sunrise.


Hardwood flooring is strongly suggested, or for the ultimate guest comfort, consider heated, engineered-wood floors. Provide a rug at the side of the bed.


If possible, add a gas fireplace in the room and an ensuite bathroom. Make sure the ensuite (or nearby washroom) has extra toiletries, plush towels and guest robes and slippers.

Ombre Velvet Pillow from Cadieux Interiors


Provide a foldable luggage stand so guests don’t have to bend over to the floor. Include clothes hangers in the closet and add scented sachets to drawers. Hang artwork that is bold and quirky and shows off your personality to your guests. Colourful throw pillows can make the room interesting and fun. Fresh flowers, a selection of books and Wi-Fi instructions can make the guest experience unforgettable.

By Samantha Sannella



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