• Local Focus – Hamilton

    Before European settlers arrived to the area, the Neutral Indians used much of the land for agriculture, but were drive out by the Iroquois, who were allied with the British against the Huron and their French allies.

  • Local Focus – Clarington

    Clarington is the most easterly municipality in the Greater Toronto Area, located along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

  • Home Builder : Bringing New Life to Old Space

    As the building industry fulfills the province’s intensification policies, more development is occurring in existing GTA communities and more heritage buildings are being integrated into new developments.

  • Local Focus – Burlington

    The area, which was covered by the primeval forest that stretched between the provincial capital of York and the town of Hamilton, was home to various First Nations peoples. The first permanent settlements in Burlington were made beginning in the 1780s by United Empire Loyalists, who sought escape from prejudice and political pressure in the…

  • Lake Shore Village – Dunpar Homes

    A block of townhomes is sustainable, and takes up much less room than the same number of detached homes. Buying a townhome gets you into a good area. Established neighbourhoods have all the amenities that you need, including restaurants, shops, libraries, medical and dental clinics. Those same principles apply to condos, but not everyone wants…

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