2018 Design Trends

2018 Design Trends

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2018 Design Trends

A preview of the design trends we will be seeing in 2018.


The Ultimate Kitchen

The kitchen still remains the heart of the home — these days it’s all about innovation, high tech appliances and quality finishes

Made in Canada

Canadian made products showcasing the best of our nation’s design

Material Matters

Something really interesting happening with these hard surfaces. A harsher mixed stone look we haven’t seen as much

Light it Up

Lighting continues to shine as a big trend for 2018, Canadian designers and independent makers are particularly evident in these year’s show


The new modern shape is all about modern curves, adding soft lines to contemporary spaces

Modern Wood

Gone are the days of live edge, these wood pieces are sophisticated and sleek, a collaboration between craftsmanship and contemporary design

Statement details

Like statement jewelry pieces in fashion, we’re seeing jewelry inspired detailing in the home in lighting, furnishings, tiles and hardware such as geometric cutouts and peeks of metal detailing


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